Sisters Swear By: Volume 1

2020: The Year of Optimization

Goal setting at Sisters Sell San Diego moves far beyond our professional goals. We have set our sights on 2020 being a year of optimization for mind, body & soul. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs will swear by health, energy & balance as keys to prosperity. 

As avid consumers of the newest trends & research, we have decided to share our journey into optimization with our readers. Our hope is that even if you take just one tip, by the end of the year you can look back and see positive change. With that, I introduce you to the first issue of our new series “Sisters Swear By”: a monthly journal of lifestyle hacks we are currently exploring. 


Danielle’s January Hack | Celery Juice

My journey into celery juice began this past July after I came home from Cabo with more than a sunburn & tequila hangover… I was sick for almost 2 months with a parasite (TMI I know). Desperate, I was trying anything to help my little friends die off and exit their host – enter Anthony Williams aka Medical Medium. I stumbled upon him after he appeared on KUWTK – it’s fine feel free to judge, but I’ll watch anything for a good Kanye appearance. I took a deep dive into his world and discovered this cult of celery juice drinking fanatics – all of whom have credited the elixir with miracle-like healing properties. If you check out his Instagram, you will see tons of posts from people sharing stories about being sick for years, seeing doctors & trying every remedy out there to no avail… until they started daily celery juice. The ailments being cured ranges from skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne), GI tract issues (bloating, constipation, digestions, acid reflux), autoimmune diseases, weight management & even anxiety/ depression.

I’d heard enough, so I bought a juicer and dove right in. And no joke, in less than a week I was better (no this is not an ad)! Celery juice had my attention, so I committed to incorporating it into my daily routine & let me tell you I notice a huge difference when I stop drinking it. I don’t need coffee until noon(ish), my skin is clearer, my insides feel less inflamed & I think it’s boosted my immune system. But don’t take my word – learn it from the master himself & buy his book here. But for the cliffs notes version on how to partake, here are the guidelines I follow:

– Juice 16 oz of celery first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

– Wait 30 minutes before consuming anything else

– Use a cold-press juicer & buy organic celery


Frankie’s January Hack | Activated Charcoal

It was July 3, 2015. I was freshly taken off the market (my now husband had just proposed 25 days prior) and I was getting ready for what I thought was a dinner at Mister A’s. I felt horrible that day – I was so bloated and uncomfortable, most of my clothes didn’t fit, but to be honest, that was my normal. I honestly don’t remember a life without stomach bloating. 

Fast-forward to me finally finding something to wear for “dinner” that night, and much to my surprise, dinner was actually the most epic surprise engagement party thrown by Danielle. I had the best time ever, although the bloating never ceased. All night, my stomach was swollen like a balloon. At that moment I knew I couldn’t live like this forever. Being newly engaged, there would be many upcoming events where bloating was NOT an option. And let’s be honest, an inflated stomach was definitely not the “something old” I wanted to accompany me on my wedding day. 

I had spent years researching all the foods that cause bloat and inflammation, and spent years trying to eliminate them from my diet.  I tried probiotics, cut out dairy, sugar … I was even desperate enough to cut out caffeine. Nothing worked, but I was determined to find a solution so back to Google I went. Hours later, I stumbled across a post about Activated Charcoal (keep in mind this was well before the charcoal trend hit). Intrigued, I researched more and immediately ordered a bottle, and SPOILER ALERT, my life has been forever changed.

I’ve now had a 4.5 year relationship with Activated Charcoal and anytime I’m feeling inflammation or bloating, I pop a few and within a couple hours, it’s gone! I swear by it and I can honestly say it’s the only thing that has ever given me relief from that inconvenient, uncomfortable belly bloat. 

I could go on and on, but I’ll try to keep this somewhat brief. In a nutshell, here’s my understanding of how it works. It has toxin-absorbing properties which stops toxins from being absorbed in the stomach by binding to them. Our bodies can’t absorb the charcoal, so the toxins bind to it and then leave the body. The one important thing to keep in mind is that it absorbs everything in your body (including some medications), so just be cautious and make sure to wait a few hours between taking charcoal & any medication. And as always, do your research or consult your doctor before taking it.

Oh ya, and as an added bonus, it helps with hangovers!!


Until next time!

– Danielle & Frankie Hajj

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