In the past few months, there have been several car thefts and break-ins in my apartment building’s parking garage. Though I was shocked because the garage is very secure, it is a very important reminder to never let your guard down! In 2015, the city of San Diego had a reported 4,673 vehicle thefts (find stats for other San Diego cities here). Having once been victim to a car break-in myself, I thought it would be helpful to go over some tips to help keep your car safe!

Never leave anything visible in your car – I mean ANYTHING. Put away any car chargers or any cord, remove all bags (shopping bags, plastic bags, etc.), don’t leave any loose clothing. And ladies, even if you are away from your car for just a minute, don’t ever leave your purse in there!!

Lock your car – I know this is more than obvious, but one of the vehicles stolen from my garage was unlocked! I always triple check that I locked my car and will always go back downstairs if I can’t be sure if I did or not.

Consider investing in a steering wheel lock – Ok, I know what a nuisance this sounds like, but if you live in a neighborhood where car theft is common, a steering wheel lock is way less of a hassle than having your car stolen!

Wrap your keys in aluminum – Now you are thinking I am crazy – however, if you have a keyless entry car, you may want to pay attention! Thieves have entered into the digital age and now have figured out how to use amplifiers to get your car to recognize your key fob when it is sitting inside your house. (Don’t believe me? Read this article). Suggested ways to protect against amplifiers are to wrap your keys in foil, or put them in the freezer (although I wouldn’t suggest putting them in the freezer!)

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